House Manual

Dear Guest, welcome to the one and only Little White Beach Cottage, we’re beyond excited to have you! This place is very special to us. In the past few years, we’ve really enjoyed renting it out to travellers like yourself. It’s a great spot to discover the Dolphin Coast! In this manual, you’ll find lots of useful information that we’ve compiled over the years to help our guests make the most of their stay. We hope that you enjoy the place and have a great stay! Sincerely, Aleks & Kevin

Check-in is from 4:00 pm and check-out is until 10:00 am. We’d really appreciate it if you could stick to these times. If you’d like to request a late check-out, please contact us through Airbnb or any of the contact details provided at the end of this manual. However, please be informed that we may not be able to grant your request if we have a same-day check-in.

Four vehicles max can safely park on our property. One in the garage which is fairly small because it was built in the ‘50s, two in the courtyard and one in driveway. Please try not to come with four vehicles as it would result in a traffic jam at the gate. The driveway is very steep, so we hope you are either an advanced driver or have a powerful vehicle, but we ensure you that you won’t need a 4×4.

The Wi-Fi network is Sky Blue and the password is 0325863831

We kindly ask you to read our house rules carefully and keep them in mind during your stay.

  1. Parties and events are allowed but must end before 9:00pm
  2. No smoking allowed indoors.
  3. Pets are allowed, but not on the furniture. If your pets are allowed on your furniture at your home, please just remember to bring blankets and cover our couches. Beds are off limits to pets. You will notice that the beds in both bedrooms are very high, one of the reasons being to discourage pups jumping on the beds.
  4. Our spot is suitable for toddlers and children under the age of 12, however there are steps and a driveway leading to the courtyard, so keep an eye on the kids.
  5. No unregistered guests allowed.
  6. Please don’t eat or drink in the bedrooms.
  7. Please respect the noise curfew.
  8. Please turn off the Air Conditioner when you go out.
  9. Please respect check-in and check-out times.
  10. Please take extra care of your keys/remotes. Lost keys/remotes incur a replacement fee of R1000.
  11. Please take care of the furnishings, particularly the bedding. If you have used suntan lotion please do not lay in bed before showering. Suntan lotion leaves stains which only become visible once the bending has been washed and dried! We have lost many pieces in the past, especially in summer and it took us a very long time to realise how and why.
  12. You are welcome to rearrange the furniture, but please do not scratch the floors while doing so. You are also welcome to take the furniture outside on the deck but don’t drop it, please place it down nicely, as the wheels break easily. And don’t forget to wheel everything in at the end of the day, our evening and nights are often very humid.
  13. No illegal substances allowed on the premises.
  14. If you have valuables i.e. cash, credit cards, keys or passports you wish to keep safe, feel free to use the Safe Box in the second bedroom.

Air conditioning: You can adjust the temperature using the two remotes provided in each bedroom. Please don’t leave the A/C running when the doors are open or when you leave the apartment.

Washer and dryer: the washer and dryer are in the laundry room. We provide the washing powder as well as the softener. If you have stained something please notify us immediately and we will replace the item and sort the stain out professionally. After using the dryer, empty the drawer at the top left corner and also clear the fluff container.

Coffee machine: the coffee machine is easier to use than it looks. We provide the beans, while you make sure that the container at the back is filled with water. Switch it on, wait for all the lights to be on. Choose, single or double. Stick in the handle for freshly ground, tap it, press it on the left-hand side, place it on the right-hand side, choose single or double button. When you are done, take the handle out, if left in the coffee machine coffee leeches into the machine and shortens it lifespan.

Shower: This is tricky as the Blue marking for cold water actually means hot and the red marking for hot actually means cold. Also, occasionally there is a build-up of sand in the shower head and water only trickles. We can’t foresee when this will happen but it may be related to waterworks in the neighbourhood, storms, or old infrastructure. If it happens during your stay simply unscrew the shower head, tip the sand out and screw it back on.

When retiring, first lock and latch all the doors, then switch the outside lights on. After which, you can use the remote provided or the key pad situated in the last tall cupboard in the kitchen (code is 2601) next to the back door. Arm the outside, click the 2 dots button on the remote. When you are going out, arm the inside with the press of the 1 dot button. Never arm both! If you are outside during the day monkeys may come, set it off and disturb the whole neighbourhood. If you are inside with the alarm armed, moving around will set it off.

Should you encounter any sort of emergency during your stay, please consult the list on the fridge, we have emergency contact details listed there. From Police to Hospitals, Vets, various Embassy’s, etc. The fire extinguisher is located right under the kitchen table. The gas bottle and the burner are also there. There are always extra candles under the kitchen sink. Power outages are common. But please check the DB board first, it could just be that it tripped, even though it doesn’t happen often. The DB board is situated above the kitchen table. We will message you about scheduled power interruptions.

We offer daily cleaning services, which are R200 per 2 /3 hour sessions to make beds, wash dishes, sweep & wipe the floors and clean the bathroom. Please request these services well in advance so that we can put you on our schedule.

We hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Aleks on + 27 83 440 9505